Design for Taiwan based F&B consulting firm -  Foodie Amber
NINAO, the only awarded gelato brand in south Asia was invited by the world leading merchant 7-11 for their first packaged soft ice cream. The packaging concept was inspired by the common Taiwanese ice cream cone from everyone’s childhood.
Packaged ice creams are considered as low quality and artificial food since always.  They are nothing else but the cheap dessert that people used to trick children.  This product was not delicacy in Taiwan until our team twisted it.   Ninao dedicates sourcing local traditions and elements, together with mutual eating memories, to bring back retro with eye-catching visual.  This time, we produce two flavors, egg’s pudding and honey oolong milk tea which are our usual afternoon snacks in Taiwan.  We developed a chic outlook for the product, and meanwhile inserted with local spirit. 
Design Draft
Inspired by the source of the ingredient (honey and egg) which are elaborated by bee and chicken.
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