The workshop was led by Italian designer Stefano Citi, the founder of TDFK brought us the topic of water ritual.  Within the research and observation of future scenario of water consumption, with the limitation of material - glass, we need to come out with possibilitiy for water.
Explore the different types of extraction, liquid-liquid and liquid-solid extraction. Investigate the chemistry and history behind this technique and develop an innovative tool and ritual around one of these methods

Imaging in 2050, the natural clean water will be no more exist by contamination. What human can do is to over purify the water till it’s drinkable. However, during the filtering procedure, there will be no more nutritions remain in the water, especially mineral.  The main idea is about to make the most precious material become not only pure but also nutritious.

Aiming to extract the mineral nutrition from rocks through water, also reappear the sensation of nature (such as river, stream, and creek) that might disappear by human damage in the near future. 
To create the inner natural stream system, using the transparency of glass, make the process of extraction can be seen directly. Different containers involve different functions. The top funnel was designed for easier water pouring. The second container is the mineral extractor, includes various nutritious rocks that allow customers to choose by different healing efficacy.  Finally, the bottom part is for receiving the clean extracted water.  During the process, making an elegant and functional utensil that is stackable and can be customized became our priority mission
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