Invited by Corning Inc. to design innovative product with €4,200 sponsorship. I did this project with the other 2 product designers, together we create a new infant incubator along with the latest medical technology that associated with Croning’s glass and optical fiber. 

The project was also led by Ogilvy Taiwan for lesson in presentation and speech skills.

1.Adaptability - It contains all the necessary functions, but the size need to be smaller to fit the environment in hospital, and should be easier to move.

2.Transparency - The transparent monitor provide better observation mode, but the position still need to be relocated.

3.Alarm System - visual alarm system needs to be added.

In general, each ICU has more than 20 Incubators and infants in a room.  The aim is to optimize the efficiency of taking care newborns.  Juno provides alarm system which connects every incubator. When any problem has been detected, the incubator contacts the nursing room immediately, also shows the location of the right incubator by visual lighting locating system.
Different solutions and displays of screen
Instead of using over complicated interface from current incubator, Juno is designed as an easy operating system, which can show all the data on the touch screen glass directly.
The major problems of current treatment is it brings negative Influence to both infants and medical staff (the blue light causes visual injury)
Therefore, we designed this blanket that provides treatment accurately without revealing the blue light visually, and reduces eye damages. 
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