Design for Taiwan based F&B consulting firm -  Foodie Amber
As one of the most historical Taiwanese pastry brand, Jiu Zhen Nan decided to open up a new concept store which involves both history and new spirit to emphasise the brand identities - old blood & new love. The project includes interior design consultancy, tableware design, menu design, and staff training.
According to tradition, most of the han pastries are designed to be shared.  Our goal was to be able to introduce the most iconic pastries of Jiu Zhen Nan in one visit. Therefore, our team created and formed a pastry and tea tasting experience that consumers can view and taste 9 different popular pastries within 30mins. By reducing the size of each pastry, customers are allowed to taste multiple products without worrying about the quantity.  From tableware to menu, we use the concept and structure of the common British tea set, then infuse with the oriental elements, in order to bring out the old fashion yet modern spirit of this pastry journey. ​​​​​​​
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